[3.12] Lancing Steel Deadeye / Raider | 6M+ DPS Easy Gearing | Fun Playstyle | Now With Videos

Version History

2. Improved passive trees for more DPS and life with same points. Added The Saviour as a good option.
1. Initial post.


Monster level 83, pretty smooth clearing thanks to Call of Steel.

Awakener 6 Veritania with several mistakes slowing me down.

This build is all about abusing the scaling of Lancing Steel with added projectiles and these are the key items that help push this build into its very respectable damage numbers:

Doing a little math, you'll find that a fully juiced Lancing Steel fires a solid 30 projectiles per attack. According to PoB, with my meager equipment I've got an attack rate of 4.42/sec. That means that when firing on all cylinders, this build can hit a whopping 100+ times per second. How do we abuse this? On-hit sustain effects:

With all the on-hit life gain available to us, that's somewhere over 10,000 life/second.

Caveat: I am not all that good at this game and my gear is pretty bad aside from a few key items. I'm pretty sure putting this build in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing will just break it.

Pros & Cons

+ Very easy to gear even for a beginner; only two required uniques that are are available for next to nothing so you can get well into the millions of DPS easily
+ Excellent clear
+ Excellent bossing speed
+ Ridiculous life on hit; easily heal 7000+/second even on no-leech, no-regen maps
+ Does not rely on any special mechanics or weird gearing requirements to achieve good numbers
+ Very easy to tweak to your taste
+ Every mod except phys reflect doable because sustain is from on-hit effects

+/- This is NOT a one-button build; you'll need to be active dancing between attacks, Call of Steel and your preferred movement skill to get the most out of it
+/- Active playstyle, meaning you'll need to keep an eye on your positioning and dance around monsters
+/- Damage is "bursty" due to Call of Steel; this is good for fights where you need to reposition, very mildly bad where you can just stand there

- Only medium defensiveness that mainly relies on ridiculous life regen
- Doesn't just instantly delete bosses like some other builds (still well above average bossing)
- No physical reflect

Deadeye vs. Raider

Both Deadeye and Raider of several points going for them

  • Much higher damage (don't believe PoB; because of the way Call of Steel works crit is much better than attack speed)
  • Better clear in very monster-dense environments due to Powerful Precision

  • Much faster move speed (nice for Heists)
  • 95% evasion even with Wind Dancer passive

I've played both and prefer deadeye because it feels smoother even with the slower move speed.


The only required uniques are the weapons. Everything else is flexible to meet your needs, but the most general things to aim for are:
  • Life, the more the better
  • Resistances until capped
  • Flat physical damage
  • Crit
  • Movespeed


Beltimber Blade x 2

This is the economy option and arguably just as strong as any other. These weapons are really the whole reason this build scales so well. I'm not even sure whether perfectly rolled mirror tier rares could come close, although I haven't checked.

Beltimber Blade + The Saviour

It turns out The Saviour is actually pretty cheap this league and works quite well with Lancing Steel. On paper this setup has more damage, but it's not quite as dependable. On the other hand, you still maintain 50% of your DPS even when you're not attacking as long as the shades are up.


This is the second item in the list because rings are a huge part of our sustain. Ultimately, you'll want two rare rings with +20 life/hit and whatever other stats suit you. See my terrible rings as an example:

For unique items, there's really only one option.

Thief's Torment

This is actually the highest lifegain option available to us, but ultimatey it loses out too much on other stats (like the incredibly critical max life). Still, it's a great option for leveling and early maps.

Body Armor

There are many good easy unique options here depending on your preferences.

Offensive Option: Lioneye's Vision

Much better on the Raider version, but perfectly viable for the Deadeye as well. This build requires pierce to feel good, so this piece acts like a 7-link. Even with Deadeye where you don't need the pierce, this still gives 14% more damage from the level 15 pierce.

Defensive Option: Kintsugi

This one's a personal favorite for evasion-focused characters who need help surviving the hits that make it through. Works very well with Wind Dancer which is one of our key defensive passives.


Fun Option: Mercenary's Lot

These gloves are particularly interesting combined with Sniper's Mark to help with clear. Because of our +6 projectiles, which seems to apply to this mark, as well as our machine-gun fast main skill, Sniper's Mark will essentially fill the screen up with split projectiles. This can be a lot of fun, but doesn't work that well without these gloves.


Utility Option: Windshriek

Having an extra curse can be very nice on this build and you can choose between defensive or offensive hexes in addition to your mark. Aside from the additional curse, these provide some resistances and of course move speed. Sadly, the elemental damage is wasted on us.



The Dying Sun is a solid +25% more damage boost as long as it's up and survivability against fire damage to boot. Quicksilver Flask is obvious.


I'd recommend taking at least a couple defensive flasks depending on exactly how you're built.

Deadeye Only

The Raider build is not crit-oriented, so this won't do much there. On the Deadeye build, however, it's a solid +25% more damage.


Lancing Steel 6-Link

This one's pretty simple, just picking the best damage supports available. If you're playing the Raider version, you'll want Pierce instead of Slower Projectiles (unless you're wearing Lioneye's Vision).

Mark 3-Link

Sniper's Mark is better damage, but Poacher's Mark is huge survivability (3000 or so life/second regen). You'll want to use both depending on the situation. Linked to Increased Duration so you don't have to fiddle with applying them too often.


Pretty obvious, just extra damage and survivability here. Both modes of Flesh and Stone or worth considering, but the Deadeye version needs the blind more if you don't have another source of it somewhere else in your build.

Defensive 3-Link

Standard CWDT. I throw in Frost Wall for a little extra protection but it can get in the way of you too, so your call.

Movement Utility

I use Whirling Blades because it's smoother, but Leap Slam is another option. These are really the only options because we use this to gain Fortify AND apply Vulnerabiliy (assuming you have obtained the extra curse). Because of our Beltimber blades, our playstyle requires a movement every 4 seconds for top DPS anyway.

Crowd Control

Void Sphere is really nice for bunching monsters together to take out with a big Call of Steel explosion. Very good defensive skill.


Passive Tree

One of the nice things about this build is that it's pretty much passive-tree-agnostic. You can build however you like--damage, survivability, utility--and the core scaling and defenses should work. That said, there are some defensive keystones that I would not want to give up:

  • Wind Dancer
  • Acrobatics
  • Phase Acrobatics

Caveat: These PoB links aren't carefully crafted ideals, they're just what my character actually happens to be wearing right now. You'll see that my rares are generally very cheap and really just serve to fill in life and resists. Lots of room for improvement.

Deadeye Version: Critical Strikes


With a heavy critical strike focus, this is the version to use if you want to use The Saviour.

Powerful Precision: This is the node that I really think makes the Deadeye feel smoother than the Raider. When you've got a pack of monsters 15+ deep, this node lets you blow them all up at once rather than layers of ~6 at a time you'd get with the various pierce support options. Also lots of crit.

Rupture: It may not seem like it, but this is a HUGE survivability node. With the extremely high hit rate of this build, this node will be returning something like 2000 health/second. Also some nice crit.

Gathering Winds: Can't argue with tailwind. Just a nice utility

Fast and Deadly: I'd argue the previous 3 are required and this is the highest damage node available. Since Beltimber Blade already gives Far Shot, there's literally no point in even considering that node.

Raider Version: Frenzy Charges


Built for speed, this is the version if all you care about is zoom-zooming around. This build relies on maxing out frenzy charges for more of everything.

Rapid Assault: Permanent onslaught for attack and movement speed. Attack and movement speed are going to be a theme of this build. Also some flat evasion which is really good for getting up to 95%.

Avatar of the Chase: More speed. Also this gives a huge 30% more evasion which is really the only reason this build is able to evasion cap so easily.

Way of the Poacher: This is our reliable frenzy generation and one max charge.

Avatar of the Slaughter: A little grab bag of bonuses for our frenzy charges.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome! I'm sure there's a ton I'm missing and if I see something good I'll update the build to include it.
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Have you killed any endgame bosses with this build
All the conquerors and Sirus deathless up to awakening level 5 basically just melt.

All the elderslayers, all the guardians. Killed the Minotaur many times so far and after dancing around the first time or two I discovered I can just stand still and face tank him until dead (he has really low accuracy it seems and the few hits that get through are instantly healed).

Haven't killed any of the "uber" bosses yet, but haven't tried.

I should probably make a git of melting some of the bosses and how good the clear is.
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Got any videos? Build sounds fun, would like to see it in action clearing a map or some endgame bosses.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
www.twitch.tv/skinny_gg - live PoE gameplay, please come watch
www.youtube.com/skinnyplays - videos of my PoE builds and boss kills
I've never really set myself up to capture / edit videos, but I'll give it a go for this one. This build is a contender.
are u gonna post some lvling skill trees maybe?
I'm really not very good at leveling so I'm afraid any leveling skill trees I posted may disappoint. I may try to put something together eventually...
I uploaded a short video showing the build clearing a Colonnade (t5) map at lvl 71, here you guys go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOF1kjyttOU&feature=youtu.be
Might be a dumb question, but why use the lioneye's chest for pierce when deadeye has pierce in the ascendancy?
Pierce gives 14% more damage at level 15. It's a much more useful option for Raider though which is what I started the build on before switching to Deadeye and realizing how much more powerful it is.

On Deadeye though there are probably better options, I just haven't gone back into it to figure out yet.

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