The Path of Exile Editors read my review. haha on Feb 20, 2020, 3:57:19 PM

on Feb 20, 2020, 3:57:19 PM :

Would they have to release POE 2 soon? PathOf ExilZzz:

The repetitive bores like that with everything in life .. nobody can deny it.
They would have to change the night weather with snow that looks a little different with more fog, so much could be done if they do not want to reissue finished textures .. they could also add an area of Toxic Cloud, eventually it forces you to move to the exit of the area forcing you to clean and do the mission quickly, the suspense also increases interest.
¿Tendrían que lanzar POE 2 pronto? Camino del exilio Zzzzz

Lo Repetitivo aburre asi con todo en la vida .. nadie puede negarlo.
Tendrian que cambiar el Clima nocturno con nieve que se vea un poco diferente con mas neblina, tanto se podria hacer si no quieren reeditar texturas terminadas.. tambien podrian agregar una zona de Nube toxica, con el tiempo te obliga a avanzar a la salida de la zona obligandote a limpiar y hacer la mision rapido, el suspenso tambien aumenta el interes.
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